Audio: Are We Doing Enough to Secure Our Northern Border?

Article author: 
Daniel Horowitz
Article publisher: 
Conservative Conscience
Article date: 
30 April 2019
Article category: 
National News
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... [Jason Owens] is chief patrol agent of the Houlton sector in Maine. He brings with him over 22 years of experience in both the southern and northern border sectors, as well as with the agency’s special operations division. 

Owens warns us that the criminals, terrorists, and bad guys are at an advantage against law enforcement across our thousands of miles of open border, which includes the Canadian border as well as the maritime borders. He gives us an insider's look into the mechanics of those borders and demonstrates the need to direct more focus to them.

It’s likely that we are only apprehending a fraction of those who actually come across those borders. There are roughly 2,000 agents for 5,500 miles of border with Canada, and now 10-15 percent of those resources are drained off to deal with the southern border. The bottom line is that the northern border is most troubling in the types of people coming over, rather than the number of people. When it comes to the northern border, Owens warns us that we don’t know what we don’t know.

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