Authoritarian Thugs Continue Their Persecution Of Jack Phillips

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If anti-discrimination laws can compel speech, then anti-discrimination laws need to be overturned.
Article author: 
David Harsanyi
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The Federalist
Article date: 
5 October 2023
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Colorado News
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I've been writing about Denver-area baker Jack Phillips for over a decade now. It’s clear to me he’s going to be badgered into the grave by authoritarians intent on punishing him for thought crimes. From the first time his name appeared in the news until this day, the media have misled the public about him, about the case, and about the law.

The latest chapter in Phillips’ Kafkaesque saga involves a transgendered lawyer named Autumn Scardina, who demanded Phillips create a pink cake with blue frosting to help celebrate a “gender transition.” As expected, Phillips, who’d already spent years fighting government coercion, refused to participate.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission agreed that Scardina had been discriminated against as “a transgendered person.” Then, the dishonorable A. Bruce Jones of the Second Judicial District upheld the commission’s flagrant attack on free expression. Now, the Colorado Supreme Court has agreed to take up the case...

Phillips isn’t going to create cakes to celebrate gay weddings or gender transitions or the grand openings of strip clubs or bawdy bachelor parties or for a ‘happy divorce!’ or any other event that undermines his faith...

At this point, the best-case scenario is for Phillips’ case to reach SCOTUS, so the court can either repair the Masterpiece decision — which basically provided the state and activists with a guidebook on bullying people of faith (basically, don’t show public animosity while doing it) — or shelve the First Amendment.