Biden’s Billions for Ukraine Could Have Built Border Wall Two Times

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9 August 2023
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National News
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... Joe Biden, with help from Congress, has sent more than $66 billion in American taxpayer money to Ukraine since the start of its war with Russia—an allocation of money that could have built a border wall nearly two times across the United States-Mexico border.

Since the start of the war in 2022, Congress has approved more than $113 billion in aid for Ukraine, and Biden is expected to ask for another $10 billion aid package when Congress returns from recess. Since 2022, the United States has given more foreign aid to Ukraine than to any other country in the world, according to a Washington Post analysis. The bulk of the allotted aid has gone to military contractors making weapons and equipment for Ukraine while the rest has been used to supplement Ukraine’s national budget and provide humanitarian relief.

A conservative estimate by the Washington Post puts the amount of U.S. military, financial, and humanitarian aid sent to Ukraine since 2022 at $66.2 billion. Based on the Post’s estimate, the Biden administration could have completed nearly two brand new walls across the United States’ roughly 1,900-mile-long border with Mexico...