Biden to Announce Release of 10-15 Million More Barrels from Emergency Oil Reserves Before Midterms

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Strategic Reserve Lowest Since 1984 After Biden Drain
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Desperate attempt to buy election
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18 October 2022
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National News
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... Bloomberg News reports that the Biden administration plans to release another ten million to 15 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Biden’s latest decision marks more than 200 million barrels set for release in less than two years as president, more than all previous presidents combined according to the Wall Street Journal.

The oil reserves are currently at the lowest level since 1984.

Despite Biden’s historic oil releases to bring down the cost of gasoline, the OPEC+ nations announced their decision in October to cut oil production by two million barrels a day....


White House Whines over Criticism of Trying to Buy Votes with Draining of Strategic Oil Reserve - Be Grateful, Peasants! ‘We Did Something About Gas Prices’, Breitbart 21 October 2022.