Biden Regime Constructing Illegal Alien Encampments in National Parks

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What a great place for these future Democrat voters to live!
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28 September 2023
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National News
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The Biden administration must end its resettlement of migrants on National Park Service land, says House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Bruce Westerman (R-AR).

Westerman used a Wednesday oversight hearing to highlight the Biden administration’s construction plan for migrant camps on “some of America’s most treasured lands.”

The Biden administration did not honor Westerman’s request to send an administration official to discuss the policy, to Westerman’s disgust. “Congress has a duty to conduct oversight and this committee will not tolerate seeing Biden’s bad policy destroy one of America’s best ideas,” he said...

The staggering numbers of migrants prompted the administration’s plan to construct housing in Floyd Bennett Field in the NPS’s Gateway National Recreation Area. The city has entered into lease agreements with the NPS to permit the construction of the migrant encampment where area residents have long escaped to kayak and fish...


As Andrew Wilcow has stated on his SiriusXM radio show, first comes housing for illegal aliens on federal land. Construction and support jobs follow. Then government schools and complete pod cities for all these future Democrat voters.

WATCH: Veterans Become HOMELESS After Democrats Give Nursing Home Rooms To Criminal Illegal Aliens, Geller Report, 29 September 2023.