Biden Regime Fears Border Treason Will Define Midterms. GOP/GAP Must Propose Impeachment Now

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Over 2 million illegals apprehended in 2022. Does that sound like a secure border to you?
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19 September 2022
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National News
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ hilarious Martha’s Vineyard massacre of Ruling Class hypocrisy on illegal immigration is just the start: The Biden Regime can’t admit the truth about the illegal immivasion because it deliberately caused it for Great Replacement reasons. Thus when NBC’s Chuck Todd noted recently that more than 2 million illegal aliens have been apprehended this fiscal year and asked Vice President Kamala Harris about it, Biden’s “Border Czar” claimed the border was “secure,” that problems there are former President Donald Trump’s fault, and that the solution is Amnesty... Democrats are handing a gift to the GOP/ GAP. The obvious questions: will the party seize on it to ensure a Red Wave in November’s midterms—and will Biden’s border treason motivate them to say they will impeach Biden if and when they take back Capitol Hill?...

Democrats have to lie because telling the public the truth about their immigration policy would hurt them in November. The videos from the border are the best ads for Republicans. You can see illegals calmly lined up waiting to be detained like they’re at an airport terminal. They know the “detention” is their ticket into the U.S., where they need not fear deportation....

 This is the intended result of Biden’s policies....

Consider what Biden has done:

  • His Department of Homeland Security chief, Cuban-Jewish immigrant Alejandro Mayorkas, pledged to not deport any illegals unless they committed a very serious crime. (And he’s not even doing that).
  • Biden ended border wall construction, before deciding to resume some of the work.
  • Biden ended Remain in Mexico, which kept dubious asylum seekers out of the country. Now they’re let in, no matter how phony their claim is.
  • Biden wants to end public-health expulsions under Title 42, virtually the only thing keeping some enforcement at the border.
  • He curtailed the ability of ICE and the Border Patrol to do their jobs, with deportations plummeting as a result.
  • Biden is making it easier for immigrant public charges (those who depend on government assistance) to stay in the country...

It’s up to Republicans to make Biden’s border malfeasance into the campaign issue of 2022 by pledging to impeach Biden if and when they take back power.

A president who aids and abets a foreign invasion commits treason and must be removed from office. How complicated is this?...