Biden Regime Forcing Border Patrol To "Parole" Illegal Aliens

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Former Agent
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30 January 2023
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National News
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A few days ago, I was talking to some Border Patrol agents still on the job. They were telling me that details down to the Del Rio sector are slowing down. Agents are still being sent there, but not in the quantity that they were. However, although the agents are not physically being sent to the southern border, they are still doing remote or virtual processing because of the Biden Rush. That means they sit in the office and process paperwork for illegal aliens to be allowed into the country....

Border Patrol Agents... are not giving the illegals a ”Notice to Appear,” which means a court date and place to show up. Instead, the Biden Regime is having them do a ”Notice to Report,” which is much simpler.

Essentially, these illegals are being paroled into the U.S....

I speculate that Mayorkas and his minions like the confusion that they sow in the system. They are destroying enforcement, as the left likes to say, “by any means necessary.”...

... our courts have become completely corrupted by leftist ideology. The laws are what they say they are and not what the legislature intended them to be.

The solution has to be political. Impeaching Joe Biden (and Kamala Harris!) would be a start.