Biden Regime Immigration Parole Scam Illegal

Article author: 
Andrew McCarthy
Article publisher: 
National Review
Article date: 
12 March 2023
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National News
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A few weeks back, in discussing President Biden’s immigration “parole” scam — the scheme by which the administration wants us to pretend that illegal aliens are not entering the country unlawfully because he is purporting to usher them in under a lawful process — we noted that the hammer might soon be coming down thanks to a challenge brought by Florida’s state government.

And so it has.

In a scathing opinion issued on Wednesday, federal district judge T. Kent Wetherell (a Trump appointee) ruled that Biden’s scam is illegal. More than that, as Fox News reports, Judge Wetherell observed that the administration had “effectively turned the southwest border into a meaningless line in the sand and little more than a speedbump for aliens flooding into the country.”...

The decision is a victory for Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis and his ally, the state’s Republican attorney general As... Wetherell has stayed his ruling for a week to give the administration time to appeal to the Eleventh Circuit. Meantime, the Biden parole scam is being challenged in a separate case by several other Republican-controlled states.