Biden Regime Is Not Even Hiding It Anymore

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30 April 2023
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National News
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The New York Times is celebrating the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty and indirectly admitting the lawlessness of the various subterfuges that increase illegal immigration. And the biggest beneficiary, the Slave Power, and certain Republicans are happy to drive down wages. And, per usual, the Lügenpresse just outright lies about the effectiveness of the Biden Regime claims to reducing illegal immigration.

But first, the humble brag about the Biden Regime essentially overturning the Constitution and usurping the authority of Congress to legislate on immigration. Apparently there is a new and recently discovered section in Article II of the Constitution, if Congress does not pass some legislation in an area, the President may implement his version of preferred policy by decree... though no one has yet to find that section in Article II that authorizes rule by decree by the President of the United States....

It is reminiscent of the Obama Regime and their “stroke of the pen, law of the land” attitude to governance, which established the pattern of lawlessness for the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties....

Almost as if the Slave Power was in on the amnesties from the beginning...

Instead of Congress making immigration policy by legislation, apparently an arrogant illegal alien and a lawless President make immigration policy by decree. They aren’t even hiding the pretension of democratic governance, we are living in a de facto dictatorship.