Biden Regime Opens New Superhighway Route for World’s Illegal Migrants

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Neil Munro
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7 August 2022
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National News
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... Biden’s border chief has opened a new route for the global migrants seeking jobs and housing in the United States.

The faster route uses boats to carry roughly 1,500 migrants per day from ports in Colombia around the deadly Darien Gap trail and up to ports in Panama, according to Todd Bensman, a former intelligence official who now works with the Center for Immigration Studies.

Bandits, floods, exhaustion, and accidents have killed thousands of global migrants on the Darien Gap trail as they walked through Panama’s jungles and mountains towards Biden’s welcome, said Bensman....

Biden’s progressives deputies — led by border chief Alejandro Mayorkas — are opening the new routes to help more of those wishing to flee to the U.S., even for unidentifiable migrants who hide their real identity...

Once the migrants are delivered to small ports further along Panama’s Caribbean coast, government-funded buses take them to towns in Panama. Many of the migrants rely on aid stations run by progressive groups — usually funded by the United Nations and the U.S. government — as they travel north through Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

... the vast majority of Darien Gap migrants are welcomed by Mayorkas’s deputies, and then released to U.S. employers who are eager to hire the desperate migrants instead of hiring better-paid Americans....

He is a pro-migration zealot who is using federal money to operate new migration routes into U.S. jobs and homes, even though Congress has repeatedly rejected his demands for more legal migration. His deadly operation is conducted in tacit cooperation with the coyotes and cartels...

Since at least 1990, the D.C. establishment has extracted tens of millions of legal and illegal migrants —plus temporary visa workers — from poor countries to serve as workers, managers, consumers, and renters for various U.S. investors and CEOs.

This half-hidden federal economic policy of Extraction Migration has tilted the free market toward investors and employers....

Extraction migration has also slowed innovation and shrunk Americans’ productivity, partly because it allows employers to boost stock prices by using cheap stoop labor instead of productivity-boosting technology....


Todd Bensman: New Routes Have Made Illegal Immigration ‘Smoother, Faster’ To Southern Border, Bannon War Room, 9 August 2022. A migrant superhighway:

BENSMAN: “Well, people need to understand that a sea change has occurred in the migrant routes from the rest of the world to the southern border. It’s been made faster, smoother. In the words of the Biden administration, ‘safe and orderly.’ That’s what their whole goal is and what I mean by that is we all know about the infamous Darien Gap, 10-day journey.

“After a lot of shuttle diplomacy, between the Biden administration — Blinken, Myorkas --- the Panamanians have now opened up two short-cuts that now move it from ten days to two days: very fast track though the Darien Gap. So this whole idea about this arduous, dangerous, terrible, ten-day deterring of passageway is now a two-day trip.

“In order to do that, it took the Panamanian government to order its patrol boats, [?] patrol boats, to stand down and allow these migrants to land further up the coasts on the Caribbean side and on the Pacific side. This is a very important and significant change.

“There’s one other very important and significant change as well. And that happened in southern Mexico. I’ve been telling you guys for a long time - I’ve been down there many times and watched it myself - that the Mexican government was using National Guard troops since the Trump administration to block and slow the flow of migrants coming in from Guatemala. That is no longer the case. They now are issuing fast pass visas of three different sorts to everybody that comes in right away, so that they can head straight to the border.

So between what’s happening in the Darien Gap and southern Mexico we now have what I call a superhighway almost straight to the U. S. border.

“And this is from 150 countries other than Mexico and Central America. Remember we have like 45% of everybody hitting that border is from somewhere else in the world. So that the numbers, in my opinion, should double, triple, quadruple from this point forward - heading straight to the southern border, mainlining right to our border.”


STEPHEN MILLER @StephenM: "The border catastrophe is not a crisis of incompetence but of malice, premeditation and criminal intent. The plan, motive & objective is maximum migration. Every policy decision, every terminated agreement, has been executed for this singular end: mass uncontrolled entry into US." Aug 10, 2022.

Biden’s “safe, humane, and orderly migration” language recalls the UN’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which was essentially an invitation for the world to migrate to developed countries. It was signed by many countries in December 2018. Canada, under Trudeau, took a lead in developing it. The US under Trump didn’t sign it. Yet the Biden regime is implementing it in spades.