Biden Regime Punishes UPS Verifying Employees Aren't Illegal Aliens

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1 May 2022
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National News
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The Biden Regime has gone out of its way to punish United Parcel Service (UPS) for daring to ask an alien admitted for lawful permanent residence (LPR) for their green card. This is not about fixing some injustice, this is not about illegal immigration related employment discrimination, but about making it easier for illegal aliens to work illegally using fraudulent documents.

In this case an alien admitted for lawful permanent residence applied for and received an employment offer from UPS. The alien had a State issued driver’s license and a Social Security Card (SSN) that was unrestricted. However, out of an abundance of caution, the UPS personnel officer asked the alien for DHS Form I-551, Alien Registration Receipt Card (ARC), commonly known as a green card, the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Form I-151 or I-551, Alien Registration Receipt Card, that was once never green, but blueish originally....

... here had to be a reason that the Biden Regime Department of Justice (DOJ) decided, yet again, to take a case to court, wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars for a de minimis violation. There must be more to this.

The likely motivation for the Biden DOJ is that they want to discourage employers from scrutinizing any document or set of documents presented by obvious aliens too closely. This is part of the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, encouraging employers to ignore possible document fraud in the hiring process....

The Biden Regime intends to normalize the employment of illegal aliens with this case and cases like it.