Biden Regime's Abolishing Migration Controls Gets Most Pushback from Voters

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11 February 2021
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National News
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President Joe Biden’s abolishment of key migration controls during his first three weeks in office is receiving the most pushback from voters.

The latest Morning Consult poll — which surveyed nearly 2,000 registered voters and was conducted between February 5 and 7 with a margin of error of +/-2 percentage points — found that of the 28 executive orders signed by Biden at the time, voters least supported his revoking of controls at the United States-Mexico border and expansion of legal immigration levels.

The most unpopular order, Biden’s plan to increase refugee resettlement by 960 percent next year, is opposed by about 48 percent of voters and is supported by less than 4-in-10 voters. Roughly 52 percent of swing voters oppose the increase, as well as 76 percent of Republicans and even 24 percent of Democrats.

Likewise, Biden’s order that will count illegal aliens in the U.S. Census for the purpose of determining how many congressional seats each state receives is his second most unpopular. About 42 percent of voters said they oppose the order and 45 percent said they support it....