Biden Released More Illegal Aliens in 3 Months Than Entire Population of Montana

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The Great Replacement is real
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Geller Report
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12 January 2023
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National News
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It’s a bloody invasion and yet not one legacy media outlet has covered it. On the contrary, they are militantly covering for it.

The country is in the throes of a totalitarian coup and... the country is too dumb, too apathetic, or too misinformed to care or worse – in support of greatest self inflicted wound in human history.

    Biden Released More Illegals in Three Months Than the Entire Population of Montana

    By Daniel Greenfield, Jan 10, 2023:

    Even blue cities have been overloaded.

    Biden made his ritual visit to an El Paso scrubbed of illegal aliens and a detention center scrubbed of detainees. The entire Potemkin village setup was meant to kick off Biden’s plan to get rid of Title 42 and ram open the border all the way to flood the nation with illegal aliens even more than it already is....


Biden’s Border Disaster Isn’t Incompetence. It’s Intentional., by Jarrett Stepman, Daily Signal, 12 January 2023.

The Daily Chart: Immigration Update, by Steven Hayward, 13 January 2023.

Only 14% of Voters Support Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Breitbart, 23 January 2023.

Over Quarter of a Million Illegal Alien Encounters in December Alone, CBP Confirms, American Renaissance, 21 January 2023:

The number of migrant [illegal alien] encounters at the southern border in December surpassed 250,000 in December alone, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed Friday evening — marking a new high for the Biden-era border crisis as it enters its third year.

There were 251,487 migrant encounters at the southern border for the month of December, surpassing the 179,253 encountered in December 2021, and the 73,994 encountered in December 2020.

Sources had told Fox News earlier this week that the number of encounters would surpass 250,000, which is even higher than the peak in 2022’s historic year, which came in May when numbers hit 241,136, during what are typically busier summer months....