The Biden Rush Continues—American Worker Displacement Soars As Immigrants Scoop Up ALL New Jobs.

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Research by Edwin S. Rubenstein
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9 March 2021
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National News
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...  the immigration dimension. Immigrants took ALL the much-vaunted jobs increase. And American worker displacement is soaring....

Our analysis of the February Household Survey finds:
  • Total employment rose by 208,000, a 0.14% increase from January
  • Immigrants (legal and illegal) gained a whopping 387,000 jobs, up 1.51% from January
  • Native-born Americans LOST 179,000 positions, a 0.14% drop from January.
  •’s immigrant employment index, set at 100.0 in January 2009, rose to 120.0 from 118.3 in January, a 1.51% rise.
  • Our native-born American employment index FELL to 103.1 from 103.2 in January, a 0.14% decline....