Biden Spends as Much on Health Care for Illegal Aliens as Trump Did on Wall

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Kris W. Kobach
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Article date: 
24 May 2021
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National News
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Remember the cataclysmic battle in Congress in December 2018 and January 2019? The 35-day partial government shutdown?  The fight was between President Trump along with congressional Republicans who wanted to fund additional border wall, and congressional Democrats who didn’t.  
President Trump asked for $5.6 billion to be spent on the wall, but Democrats dug in their heels and said that was too much.  Many didn’t want to spend a dime.  In the end, Congress appropriated only $1.375 billion.
A few weeks later, Trump declared a national emergency on the border and announced that he would redirect an initial $3.8 billion in defense appropriations to building additional border wall. That move triggered multiple lawsuits from the Left, which ultimately failed to stop the money from being redirected.
When the dust settled at the end of 2020, the Trump Administration had spent (or had begun the process of spending) just over $9  billion on approximately 400 miles of border wall.  And the President had to fight hyperventilating Democrats in Congress, open-borders groups in the courts, and the mainstream media every step of the way.
Fast forward to the present. Last week, President Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services redirected $2 billion from various health programs intended primarily for Americans to be spent instead on healthcare and transportation costs for illegal alien minors.  A leaked briefing to HHS officials indicated that a total of $8.6 billion in spending would be redirected to benefit the illegal aliens by October....
If Biden were willing to spend that $9 billion to build another 400 miles of wall, there would be no border crisis....