Biggest Threat to 2016 Election Is Illegal Alien Voting

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J. Christian Adams explains the threat
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3 November 2016
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National News
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J. Christian Adams of the Election Law Center and the Public Interest Legal Foundation and author of the book Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department explains that the Biggest Threat to 2016 Election Is Illegal Alien Voting:

... Adams warned that “the Left has created structural edifices to influence the atmosphere of the election.”

“In other words, they just don’t rely on, like, some joker in Philadelphia to cast a phony ballot. They change the rules. The rules of the game are constantly being changed – not in October, but in January, in the December before the election,” he explained.

“For example, take citizen voting. There is something called a citizen checkbox. That’s the only way we have to stop foreigners from getting on the voter rolls. When you register to vote, you simply check a box: ‘Yes, I’m a United States citizen.’ There’s no verification in most states. You just get on the rolls because of the federal law, Motor Voter, passed in 1993.This was part of a long-term structural rigging of the election. It’s not voting machines, and it’s not, you know, busses. It’s something far more dangerous,” Adams said...

“I’ve been litigating cases around the country. I just sued two Virginia counties this week for concealing alien voting records, the list of foreigners who are on the voter rolls. In Virginia alone, Alex, our litigation found a thousand aliens in just eight counties. These are the only eight counties that complied with our document requests. And they were voting! So if you take a thousand aliens who were accidentally caught in eight Virginia counties, and there’s 135 Virginia counties, that tells you that the number of aliens on the voter rolls in just this swing state is in the five figures.”

“The same is true in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona,” he continued. “More so in Texas, Pennsylvania. These are places where alien voting will make a difference. And it made a difference in California. California became the deepest shade of blue, in part, because of problems with the voter rolls, with illegal alien voting.”...


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