Birth tourism adds up to 26,000 in 'citizenship for sale' scam

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Washington Examiner
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13 August 2020
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National News
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Thousands of babies are born annually to foreign mothers who travel to the United States as part of a “birth tourism” scam to get their children automatic American citizenship, and eventually citizenship for themselves, according to a new report.

While difficult to calculate exactly, the Center for Immigration Studies estimated that 20,000-26,000 “birthright” citizen children are born in the U.S. each year.

Either on their own or through “birth tourism” companies that can charge up to $100,000 per mother, the goal is to give birth in the U.S., which guarantees all newborns American citizenship.

And that can lead to citizenship for the parents and other family members through the process dubbed “chain migration,” read the report titled Stopping the Practice of Citizenship for Sale....

Babies born under the “birth tourism” banner are just a drop in the bucket of the nearly 300,000 born to illegal immigrants [illegal aliens], as of 2014....


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