Border apprehensions dropped in November for 6th consecutive month, per DHS data

Article author: 
Adam Shaw
Article publisher: 
Fox News
Article date: 
9 December 2019
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National News
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Law enforcement apprehended or turned away 42,649 migrants at the southern border in November, according to preliminary data reviewed by Fox News -- a sixth month of declines that the administration is hailing as proof that the set of policies and initiatives to combat the border crisis is working.

The numbers (33,510 apprehended and 9,139 deemed inadmissible) represented a decline of roughly six percent since October, and a drop of over 70 percent since the height of the crisis in May, when more than 144,000 migrants were encountered ...

The decline has come as the administration has taken a number of measures to end the border crisis and stem the flow of migrants north from Central America. Key to that has been ending the practice of “catch-and-release” by which migrants were held and then released into the U.S. as their hearings rolled on, often for years ...