Border Crisis and Disease Spark Serious Public Health Concerns

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Kristin Tate
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10 June 2014
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Our American Future
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As thousands of abandoned children from Central and South American are overwhelming Border Patrol, health concerns are growing.

Breitbart Texas previously reported that scabies infections from people entering the U.S. illegally were being passed on to an unknown number of U.S. Border Patrol agents. Now, according to ABC 15, officials are worried about a sweeping viral outbreak. "We are starting to see chicken pox, MRSA staph infections, we are starting to see different viruses," Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera told the outlet.

Cabrera added that the scabies outbreak is still ongoing. According to Action 4 News, 10-15 percent of apprehended illegal immigrants have scabies in the RVG area.

Due to the sharp increase in illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S., authorities do not have time or resources to screen every apprehended illegal immigrant for diseases.

"We don't screen for diseases," RGV Border Patrol spokesman Omar Zamora told Breitbart Texas. "All we are is a processing center, so we don't do that."

This could potentially pose a serious threat to Border Patrol agents, Zack Taylor, Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, told Breitbart Texas...

Others worry that the threat stretches far beyond Border Patrol agents, and that the general public is also at-risk of contracting various diseases.

The potential for diseases to spread is especially troubling, since federal agents are sending waves of illegal immigrants to processing stations around the United States. Cabrera told ABC 15...