Border Patrol Agent Says Classified Intel Proves Terrorists Infiltrate U.S.

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Edwin Mora
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1 October 2014
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Our American Future
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A U.S. Border Patrol agent in Arizona claims he was privy to classified intelligence that proves terrorists have infiltrated the homeland from Mexico.

Border agent Art Del Cueto, who heads the national union for border patrol agents Local 2544 in Tucson, made those comments in an interview with Public Radio International (PRI) that aired September 24.

While walking a section of the Arizona-Mexico border, Del Cueto told PRI that the area is susceptible to Islamic terrorist crossings, adding that classified U.S. Border Patrol intelligence verifies that some have successfully infiltrated the U.S .

"The intel we have is hard evidence. It’s very hard evidence. It’s pictures. It’s debriefings of individuals,” the agent told PRI...

Breitbart Texas recently obtained a leaked document from the Texas Department of Public Safety warning federal border agents about an ISIS-related threat along the southwest border...