Border Patrol Agents Warn That Border Is Still Not Secure

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Melissa Clyne
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Article date: 
29 May 2015
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National News
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The situation at U.S. borders is still out-of-control despite reports that the number of illegal [alien] immigrants attempting to come to the U.S. is on the decline, Border Patrol officials told The Washington Post.

"This notion that DHS is saying the border is more secure than ever — they don’t have any evidence of that," said Brandon Judd, a 17-year agent who is president of the National Border Patrol Council. "It’s just smoke and mirrors."

The Pew Research Center has reported that immigration flows are at a 20-year low and for the first time in more than six decades of Border Patrol data, more non-Mexicans than Mexicans were apprehended at U.S. borders in 2014 (229,000 Mexicans, 257,000 non-Mexicans).

But the Washington Times reported in April that more than 3,000 unaccompanied minors came across the Mexican border in March, the most since the peak of the 2014 crisis when tens of thousands of unaccompanied Central American minors showed up at U.S. borders.

And in the first six months of this fiscal year, authorities have reported apprehending 15,647 unaccompanied minors trying to get across the border. Though that’s 40 percent fewer than the same time last year — a situation that "sparked a political crisis" — fiscal year 2015 is "shaping up to mark the second-biggest surge on record," according to the Times...