Border Patrol is bringing in illegal aliens from BEHIND the fences

Article author: 
Daniel Horowitz
Article publisher: 
Conservative Review
Article date: 
12 March 2019
Article category: 
National News
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Border walls work well to defend a defined border. They are worthless in defending against our amnesty policies of bringing in illegal immigrants from the other side of a wall.

The entire discussion over a border wall and a few billion in appropriations is moot if the judicial tyranny and lawfare driving our asylum policies continue. Border walls are very effective, but if we actively bring in even the illegal immigrants standing outside the fence and believe it is our duty to do so, then what would change if we had more walls?

In recent days, the border migration in the El Paso sector has shifted somewhat from New Mexico to the city of El Paso, Texas, itself. Almost 1,000 people, mainly from Guatemala, came in just on Wednesday of last week. In El Paso, we have the much-vaunted 18-foot fence that is the paradigm for what Trump would like to build elsewhere. The question is, how did these illegal aliens get into the country if they were behind the fence? ....  It appears that they just stand at the fence and, wait with the confidence that agents will come pick them up.

Reuters reports that those who came in last week in El Paso were not deterred by the fence because Border Patrol herds them to the gates and brings them in. Reuters snapped photos showing the migrants waiting at the south side of the border wall to be picked up....

When I reached out to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) by email and asked whether agents are now actively picking up illegal immigrants from the south side of the fence, and whether agents are getting legal guidance mandating such action, I was told, “They generally cross the river bed from Juarez and walk up to the south side of the border wall and wait for agents to pick them up.”

The political implication of this development in the eyes of the public and Trump’s base in particular cannot be overstated. In almost every area of our border, and certainly along the Rio Grande River, our border fences are recessed a significant distance into our interior. If this administration is going to continue to accede to the notion that it must bring in anyone who makes it onto our land, even when they are on the other side of the fence, this means that the border wall is moot. CBP could construct an impervious wall from Brownsville to San Diego a hundred feet high, but if our agents are still directed to pick up those on the other side, then what is the point?...