Border Patrol Failed to Collect DNA for Ten Years, Let Violent Criminals Walk Free

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American Greatness
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22 August 2019
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National News
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The Office of Special Counsel has found that Customs and Border Patrol’s (CBP) “noncompliance with the law has allowed subjects subsequently accused of violent crimes, including homicide and sexual assault, to elude detection even when detained multiple times by CBP or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).”

The law requires that CBP collect DNA from individuals held in their custody in order to run the material against the FBI’s database of violent criminals. The agencyhas failed to do this for 10 years, allowing violent criminals to walk free.

One “troubling” case noted in the letter involved a suspect in a 2009 Denver homicide who had “several interactions” with law enforcement, including two arrests, but was allowed to go free until investigators finally collected a DNA sample in 2017.

In another instance, a suspect in “two particularly brutal” sexual assaults that occurred in 1997 eluded detection despite being in federal custody on nine separate occasions — before finally being connected to the crime in March 2019, after a DNA sample was collected....