Border Patrol Projects Apprehension of a Million Illegal Aliens in 2019

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Limits to Growth
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28 March 2019
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National News
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The chaotic invasion now occurring on our southern border is disturbing to behold. It’s a reminder that some on the left hope to fundamentally change the culture of this nation using illegal immigration by urging Central Americans to leave home and claim asylum in the US.

Unlike illegal immigration in decades past when mostly men came, the invaders are now dragging along their kids to guarantee entrance. But we see precious little reporting about the crushing burden on local jurisdictions, particularly schools.

When education’s limited budgets are squeezed by special programs for non-English-speaker students, citizen kids get less. Some tribal aliens from Latin America don’t even speak Spanish.

A bad situation is growing worse, and there are still millions more in Central America with a hankering for yankee dollars and a boatload of free stuff from the generous US government....