Border Patrol signs near the Mexico border in English, Spanish and Chinese

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17 July 2012
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National News
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Republican U.S. Senate hopeful David Dewhurst, saying the U.S.-Mexico border is dangerously porous, said in a July 17, 2012, debate in Dallas that he has even witnessed suspicious signs.

"I’ve seen the Border Patrol signs that are now in English, Spanish and Chinese," Dewhurst said in the debate with Ted Cruz, his opponent. Six days later, Dewhurst similarly referred to such signs in the pair’s last debate before the July 31, 2012, primary runoff...

Daniel Milian, a Border Patrol supervisor in the agency’s Rio Grande Valley sector, told us such signs are posted next to "rescue beacon" towers arrayed in the rough brush country that covers much of the Texas-Mexico border region. In a telephone interview, Milian said the towers, 40- to 50-feet tall, are visible from great distances, the idea being that border crossers in danger of falling ill or dying spot them and come close. He said the signs instruct individuals to press a button to summon authorities.

And, Milian said, the signs are in English, Spanish and Mandarin, which is the group of dialects most widely spoken in China. The point, Milian said, is to deliver the message in ways that border crossers can understand. He said Mandarin was chosen because immigrants from China are second to immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries among border-crossers apprehended by the Border Patrol...


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