Boulder County Jail required to share names of non-citizen inmates to ICE

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Sheriff: Federal, state statutes require jail to share booking information
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Daily Camera
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14 February 2017
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Colorado News
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The Boulder County Sheriff's Office is in touch every week with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but Sheriff Joe Pelle said the routine contact doesn't mean that deputies and jail staff are acting as federal immigration enforcement agents.

On Feb. 1, the Boulder County Jail received its annual letter from ICE requesting staff continue submitting Foreign Born Inmate Reports, or lists detailing names and places of birth of people who are booked.

"We don't investigate immigration status, we don't ask people about immigration status," Pelle said. "It's up to ICE what they do with that list."...

In all of 2016, the Boulder County Jail submitted 460 names of non-American-born citizens and 184 names of inmates booked without citizenship records, according to 90 pages of records obtained through a Colorado Open Records Act request.

More than half of the non-American citizen inmates listed Mexico as their place of birth, which is the most common country, followed by 24 from El Salvador, 10 from India, nine from Nepal and eight from Guatemala.

Records technician Brenda West said once a week, two reports are sent from the jail to ICE: one with the name, date of birth, booking number, booking date and time, race, sex, booking officer and release date; and the other with the same information along with the place of birth and charges. She said names get submitted only once — usually when they are booked into jail.

The two reports sent by the jail are titled: "Non Citizens" and "Inmates Booked Without Citizenship Records."...



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