Ivermectin: Brazilian city cuts COVID hospitalizations, deaths in half, US medical authorities continue to suppress its use

Article author: 
Thomas Lifson
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American Thinker
Article date: 
13 December 2021
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National News
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The suppression of the use of the off-patent, hence low profit, drug ivermectin for use in preventing and treating COVID is grotesque and inhumane. Consider the case of a wife who died while hospitalized for COVID while her husband begged the hospital to administer a supply he had in hand but was refused. From the Epoch Times:

David DeLuca of Sicklerville, New Jersey will never know if the Ivermectin prescribed by an out-of-state doctor for his wife would have saved her life. Colleen DeLuca, 62, died of COVID-19 on Oct. 10, at Jefferson Washington Township Hospital in Sewell, New Jersey, before he could get a court order to administer the drug.

Ivermectin has helped in some cases  but across the United States, many hospitals don’t include it in their COVID protocol for treatment and refuse to use it, even as a last effort on a dying patient.

Nobody will pay for the very expensive “gold standard” double blind testing of ivermectin because there are no large profits to be had from its use, now that the patent on it has expired....

Now comes word of a trial of widespread ivermectin use as a prophylaxis in the Brazilian city of Itahai. ZeroHedge reports...


Virginia Hospital Found In Contempt Of Court, Subject To $10k Per Day Fines After Denying Patient Ivermectin, Daily Wire, December 14, 2021.