Butterflies Vs. Border Wall: National Butterfly Center Seeks Restraining Order

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15 February 2019
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National News
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The National Butterfly Center, in danger of losing access to most of its wildlife nature preserve along the Rio Grande, is asking a court to stop federal officials from building a border wall across its land.
The North American Butterfly Association first sued more than a year ago after government officials allegedly cut down trees and cleared brush on its Texas property. The planned wall would cut the 100-acre property in two, with as much as 70 percent of the land inaccessible between the wall and the Rio Grande, ...
On Monday, a federal court ruled that the Trump administration has broad authority to waive environmental laws in the name of border security. The Department of Homeland Security has already said it will waive regulations to build along the Rio Grande....
If America's southern border is finally secured - except in national resource areas - guess where illegal aliens will cross?
Border wall will not hinder access to National Butterfly Center, San Antonio Express-News, December 11, 2018