[CA] Lawmakers OK noncitizens on juries

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Two immigrant-rights bills advanced in the Legislature Monday.
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Michael Gardner
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U-T San Diego
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19 August 2013
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National News
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[California]  State lawmakers pressed ahead with controversial immigrant-rights legislation Monday, including a measure that would open up jury pools to noncitizens who have proof of residency and a separate bill to protect unauthorized immigrants when they seek legal help to stay in the U.S.

The full Senate vote approved permitting noncitizens to serve on juries as long as they are legal residents. If signed into law, California would become the first state in the nation to take such a step.

Supporters compare the existing ban to long-discarded policies barring women, nonwhites, older citizens and gays from the jury box. Noncitizens can serve as judges and lawyers, they add. Critics called it premature and unnecessary ...



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