Colorado gun control bills aimed at racial minorities

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Jon Caldara
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Complete Colorado
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14 April 2024
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Colorado News
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...  The legislature is making clear that Black and Brown people, since they are statistically poorer, shouldn’t own firearms, or at least should face a substantially higher hurdle to exercise this right.

Despite whatever flowery words they use to describe it, their actions assert White upper-class citizens can be trusted with guns, poorer minorities cannot. As if putting firearms out of their reach makes the state safer.

The first gun control laws in the nation were likewise designed specifically to disarm Black freed slaves and other low-income people in the South by taxing them out of reach.

Colorado legislators believe those laws made for a better, safer America.

In a revival of antebellum policy, legislators are now cleverly working toward disempowering such people in Colorado.

House Bill 1349 would place an 11% sin tax on firearm and ammunition purchases. Certainly, this burdens all people who wish to defend themselves in a state with skyrocketing crime. But some will be able to handle this cost increase better than others...

Requiring already federally licensed gun stores to get a duplicative, unnecessary, and expensive state license will add even more to the cost of gun purchases. House Bill 1353 does just this...

And while the Second Amendment guarantees a right to keep and bear arms, House Bill 1270 mandates costly liability insurance to own a gun. People who can barely afford car insurance fortunately won’t be able to afford this...

House Bill 66 tracks and monitors gun sales by forcing private credit/debit card companies to follow such transactions, making these people easier to identify and profile...

House Bill 1292 bans citizens from so-called “assault weapons,” the very rifles police have with them in Black and Brown communities for their protection...

House Bill 1174 requires expensive extra training for concealed carry permit holders. Again, while absolutely no evidence exists that the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people with permits have been irresponsible, this only jacks up the price of legally defending oneself...

Senate Bill 131 makes concealed carry permits virtually useless by labeling many urban areas as “sensitive spaces” where carrying a gun even with a permit is banned...


Video: Chinese Immigrant Congressional Candidate Calls Out Gun-Control Activists, One America News, 19 April 2024.


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