Canada: Trudeau paying those who live near Quebec border up to $25,000 for disruptions caused by migrant influx

Article author: 
Christine Douglass-Williams
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Jihad Watch
Article date: 
17 December 2018
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National News
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Beyond the immediate medical, living and housing costs for economic migrants who are flowing into Canada illegally over the Quebec border, Canadian taxpayers are also doling out significant amounts of cash for an unexpected expense:

Quebecers living by the Canada-United States border where thousands of migrants have crossed irregularly into the country since 2017 will be eligible for payments of up to $25,000, the federal government….Life along the previously sleepy Roxham Road — the main entry point for migrants entering the country on foot — has been disturbed, and residents deserve to be compensated, Border Security Minister Bill Blair said.

Trudeau has a history of extravagance. He has tried to buy the media with a 600-million-dollar bailout package that has been described by many as “headline buying” or “media management.”  Now he’s trying to pacify residents or border areas whose lives have been disrupted by the migrant crossings that should have been stopped immediately after they began.

The Toronto Sun reported during the summer months, when migrants were pouring in by the hundreds each day...

Canadians can expect to dole out much more money, particularly in the upcoming election year, and given the unpopular UN Migration Pact. The simplest questions about the Pact, which is claimed to be non-binding, must be asked: why is such a Pact even needed? Has Canada now fully subscribed to the globalist vision of open borders? ...