The case for a ‘no’ on all judges, all the time

Article author: 
John Caldara
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Complete Colorado
Article date: 
8 October 2022
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Colorado News
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... We don’t elect judges in Colorado. That is, they don’t run as Republicans or Democrats. This is likely a good thing, though sometimes I wonder. It would at least give voters some sense as to their ideological leaning.

Judges here are appointed by the governor. And given that for 40 of the last 48 years we’ve had Democrat governors, our judiciary is out of touch, ideologically driven, extremely leftist and, as demonstrated by the recent flood of news stories, arrogant and corrupt....

...  this sycophantic, inbred judicial performance system is self-serving and wholly meaningless. It must be scrapped entirely. That won’t happen soon.

My modest proposal is you vote “no” on all judges, all the time.

Should voting “no” ever become even close to the norm, judge themselves will lead the reform to a better system.