Charles Murray's FACING REALITY

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Ruling Class Must Accept Race Differences - or Provoke the "Disaster" of White Identity Politics
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Dealing honestly with racial differences
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Unz Review
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19 June 2021
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Our American Future
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Charles Murray’s just-published Facing Reality: Two Truths About Race in America is an elegantly brief (168 pages) essay devoted to summarizing the great mass of evidence for the existence and persistence of significant racial differences in two areas: 1) cognitive ability, aka intelligence, and 2) violent crime rates.

Taken together, this evidence is irrefutable, and informed experts have pretty well given up contesting it. In dramatic contrast, public debate has actually gone backwards since Murray co-authored The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life in 1994. He hopes his politely rational arguments can change that—or that the Ruling Class will heed his warning about a white backlash. Too bad he’s wrong.

Facing Reality was inspired by the slogans of “systemic racism” and “white privilege” popularized by the Black Lives Matter movement in the summer of 2020...

Concerning cognitive ability, Murray concentrates on demonstrating three points:

  • When Africans, Asians, Europeans and Latins take tests that are related to cognitive ability, their group results have different means.
  • Race differences between Africans and Europeans in cognitive test scores narrowed significantly during the 1970s and 1980s, but the narrowing stopped three decades ago.
  • Scores on today’s most widely used standardized tests, whether of cognitive ability or academic achievement, pass the central test of fairness: They do not underpredict the performance of lower-scoring groups in the classroom or on the job...

Perhaps the real reason for all the empty chatter about “white privilege” is that if no such thing exists, our current system of racial discrimination becomes indefensible....

Rates of violent crime—murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault—differ across the four demographic groups as well, although the differences are not as consistent as those in intelligence....

There is really nothing to criticize about Murray’s presentation of the evidence for his “two truths about race in America,” although it will certainly be ignored by those who most need to face up to that evidence....

Murray is wrong (not for the first time), to ignore the impact of immigration. This is particularly odd because an immigration moratorium is the obvious way to calm rising white alarm about imminent minority status....

The article is followed by a number of pertinent comments. For example: "Whites will be a minority within the US , but for all practical considerations Whites are already a minority within the United States."


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Book: The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, 1996

Video: Facing Reality, Glenn Loury & Charles Murray, The Glenn Show, June 25, 2001: