CNN Publishes Push Poll, Promotes Amnesty

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Center for Immigration Studies
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17 February 2014
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National News
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Yet another flawed push poll has been released and the media have used it to promote the idea that Americans support President Obama's amnesty agenda. This time, the flawed poll comes from CNN/ORC International. It was conducted January 31 through February 2 and included 900 registered voters.

Each of the questions asks about an immigration plan that has never been promoted by any amnesty advocate, has never been introduced in Congress, and likely will never be introduced.&

See if you can spot all the flaws in the central question asked of respondents:

Here are some questions about how the U.S. government should treat illegal immigrants who have been in this country for a number of years, hold a job, speak English, and are willing to pay any back taxes that they owe. Would you favor or oppose a bill that allowed those immigrants to stay in this country rather than being deported and eventually allow them to apply for U.S. citizenship?

This question contains so many flaws it's difficult to view it as anything other than a push poll.

  • ....recent amnesty proposals would not require illegal aliens to have been in the country "for a number of years"...
  • CNN describes a plan that would apply to illegal aliens who "hold a job". This was added to the question because respondents likely respond positively to employment and hard-workers. Yet no recent amnesty proposal would require all illegal aliens to prove they are employed...
  • CNN includes a requirement to "speak English" in their flawed question. No amnesty has ever required applicants to prove they can speak English to obtain legal status...
  • CNN's poll also describes potential amnesty recipients as people who "are willing to pay any back taxes that they owe". Use of the phrase "are willing to pay" is apparently meant to characterize the amnesty applicants as likeable people who want to pay their fair share...

Gallup finds that even with the constant drumbeat of propaganda, fewer than one out of four Americans supports increased immigration. National Journal found last year that a majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents supported lower levels of high-tech guestworkers and lower levels of construction guestworkers...