The Collapse of America - A Plan Decades in the Making

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David Risselada
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Freedom Outpost
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16 July 2014
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Our American Future
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While many people are awakening to the Obama administration and their attempts to undermine our national sovereignty, it must be stated that this has been an ongoing effort for many, many decades. Barrack Obama is merely a tool selected to get an already conditioned population to accept the final stages of a plan that will see the United States surrender its sovereignty and merge into a global governing structure where she will no longer be respected as a world super power, but viewed merely as another third world nation that is morally equivalent to all others. There are three main pillars of our society and culture that need to be changed from the inside in order for this transformation to take place; immigration, education and the military. It is hard to argue, even for those who adamantly oppose any idea of conspiracy theories, that these three elements of our society have not been radically affected in recent years. This article will offer a brief analysis into the events taking place and the historical roots behind them. This is indeed a planned collapse, and to be calling it out for what it is now is indeed too little too late.

As the crisis along our border escalates, we are hearing more and more on the whole situation being a planned event to precipitate the total collapse of our nation. Even congressmen are coming out and calling this a deliberate application of the Cloward & Piven strategy. For those who may not know, the Cloward & Piven strategy was the work of two Sociology Professors at Columbia University, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, designed to organize the nation's poor and minorities into a power base from which the country, through the democratic process, could be converted into a socialist state. One of the key components of this strategy was the idea of overwhelming the nation's welfare system to the point where it collapses, and the government would then be forced to adapt socialism.

It's obvious beyond any doubt that Barrack Hussein Obama is implementing this strategy; after all he did attend Columbia University and was likely educated by Frances Fox Piven. In my article, "President Obama, Frances Fox Piven, and voter registration schemes" I discussed Piven and her efforts to organize a voter registration drive aimed at minorities by teaching them they were oppressed. I also mentioned one of my own professors, an admitted socialist mind you, who was likely educated by Piven as he had attended The Columbia University School of Social Work. In short, people who are calling the border crisis a deliberate attempt to undermine America and collapse her financial system are correct; however, from the perspective of a writer who has been trying to bring many things to people's attention, they are a day late and a dollar short as this is only one small aspect of many moving parts put in motion a long time ago.

In my article "Amnesty and the Immigration Act of 1965," I discussed the origins of the immigration crisis we are now facing and how it was nothing but a plot to secure more voters for the Democrat Party. This was based on the ideas of Marxism and the teachings of Antonio Gramsci, who taught that America's culture would have to be changed incrementally from within. The immigration act of 1965 was signed into law by Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson. This is the same president who promised Americas black communities free welfare for their votes...

At the time America's immigration laws were based on a quota system, meaning that immigrants from any part of the world were allowed in based on the number of existing immigrants already in country from that part of the world. This was done in an effort to maintain national identity and ensure that people with useful skills and a desire to assimilate into our culture would be the ones to immigrate here. This meant that most of the people who were immigrating here were of European ancestry and just as is the case today, people referred to this as a racist system.

People began to argue that immigration to the United States was a human right and that because we as a nation have stolen most of our resources and land people were entitled to immigrate here...

While it is obvious that the immigration crisis is contributing to a "planned collapse" or our country, it is not the only event put in motion to accomplish this goal. As the nation awakens to the danger that "Common Core" education represents, they would do themselves well by realizing that this is the final push of an education curriculum a century in the making. Again, it all goes back to the ideas of Marx and the teachings of Gramsci. Antonio Gramsci taught that America would only accept socialism incrementally, and in order to implement incremental change, the institutions must be infiltrated by "Change agents." Leftists have had control of our education system for decades, and as I wrote in my article "A truth we have to accept," the push to turn America into a socialist nation started decades ago....

There is, however, one more institution that needs to be thoroughly destroyed before America is ripe for total transformation. This is one institution that Barrack Obama has been very successful in dismantling almost single-handedly. However, once again, the precedence for this was established long ago and Obama is merely implementing the strategy. This institution is the U.S. military, and over the past couple of years we have watched Barrack Obama relieve hundreds of high ranking commanders from their duties as they represent a threat to his agenda. Understand that this is not his agenda; he is merely carrying it out. It was put in place decades ago by the same communist forces infiltrating every other aspect of our society.

To truly come to terms with this you must understand that America, and her Judeo-Christian heritage is the last remaining power able to keep the communists from establishing total control over the world. This is why her education system was infiltrated, this is why we are flooded with third immigrants accustomed to collectivism and this is why our military needs to be disarmed.

In the Communist Peace Offensive, it is evident that the Soviets intended to give the illusion that an America willing to disarm itself was an America that showed a superior, moral strength, and that this was the only way world peace could be achieved. They have gone to great efforts to portray the American military as imperialistic and oppressive, and they have been very successful in these efforts as many Americans despise the military. In order to understand this better you should read public law 87-297 "The Arms Control and Disarmament Act" State Department publication 7277. This was signed into law in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy and carried out by every president since. This law calls for the gradual elimination of Americas Armed Forces to the point where we no longer have a national Army, Navy or Air Force. According to Bernadine Smith, this cannot be fully accomplished until they have completely disarmed the citizenry because they know full well we will never accept the dismantling of our military as it is the only thing that protects our national sovereignty. When they finally outlaw civilian weapons, we will know we are in the final stages of their plan to completely disarm our military and merge us with a one world communist order



The article focuses on a planned transition of America into a socialist / Communist state. As noted by an activist:

The author is partly correct and partly mistaken.  The world's oligarchs do wish to weaken America, but not so that they can establish a communist government or society.  They wish to subordinate national governments beneath the multi-national corporations that the oligarchs own and control.  There are several trade agreements currently being negotiated in secret that would do just that:

  • Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  • Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), also known as the
  • Transatlantic Free Trade Area, abbreviated as TAFTA)
  • Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)

There's nothing communistic about any of these pending agreements.  They are pro big business in the extreme (and that is not the same as being pro business).

It is interesting, however, to note how closely socialist / Communist goals coincide with globalist oligarch goals. 
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