Collapse At The Border Accelerating: Impeach Biden

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7 May 2023
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National News
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It is getting worse at the border. We can say the border has collapsed, but it still can get worse. But only because the numbers of invaders will be growing. Nothing is stopping them. Not the Biden Regime Parole Amnesty, not Catch-And-Release, not lies from the Regime that the border is closed. Title 42 ended in practice months, if not months ago, years ago with Biden’s inauguration. Now there is only a debate about the anticipated numbers; 10,000 a day, 13,000 a day, 15,000 a day, 400,000 a year, or 700,000 waiting in Mexico to zerg rush the border. That debate is only academic. No one knows, but everyone starts at 10,000 invaders a day...

Invaders are massing not only in Mexico, but in camps in Panama funded by the United States...

Texas and the United States are deploying troops on the border, but US troops will not really be doing anything useful, such as blocking invaders or pushing them back across the Rio Grande...


Biden’s 1,500 Troops Sent to Southern Border Are a ‘Welcome Wagon,’ Retired Border Patrol Agent Says, The Daily Signal, 5 May 2023:

... The troops will be helping with “non-law enforcement duties,” according to the Homeland Security Department, but Frank Lopez says that likely means they will be assigned tasks like “feeding [illegal aliens], to providing water, [and] blankets for little kids.”...

Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection, and CBP’s Office of Field Operations are running drills and stockpiling goods like food and diapers at the ports of entry in preparation for the end of Title 42, said Lopez, who ran for U.S. Congress as a Texas independent in 2022...

“The Biden administration has not just allowed the cartels to expand, but they’ve actually encouraged them. They’ve aided and abetted them. They’ve moved people around for them,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, said during an interview with “Just the News” on Monday.

“The cartels are making billions every month, and that means they’re going to expand their network even more,” Paxton said, adding, “The borders [are] wide open for drugs, and so the cartels are not going to give that up easily. They’re going to want to continue this and grow it, and the Biden administration is doing everything in their power to help them do it.”

Biden Must Be Impeached Over Impending Title 42 Border Collapse, by Washington Watcher II, 7 May 2023:

With Title 42 public-health expulsion of illegal aliens set to end on May 11, Traitor Joe Biden wants you to believe he will stop the invasion he has been aiding and abetting since he took the oath of office. The latest get-tough charade: his sending 1,500 military troops to the border, supposedly to help control it. In fact, they’ll help move more illegals into the country. And Biden’s lying lackeys claim his policies have massively reduced illegal-alien crossings. How much more must Biden and his Treason Lobby gang do to persuade House Republicans to impeach him?...

Republicans must send the message that Biden will be punished, and not just by voters. They must draw up and introduce the articles of impeachment and vote on them. The Democrat-controlled Senate, of course, won’t remove Biden from office. The message is the point.

Aiding and abetting an invasion of the United States—Biden’s blatant border treason—cannot go unchallenged. Impeachment is the only serious answer.



It is Camp Of The Saints

The United Nations is predicting that 400,000 illegal aliens will cross the Darien Gap between Columbia and Panama, on their way to the United States and the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty. It is more likely that this is an under-estimate. Expect a million or more over the next year...

Feature, not a bug. This is the long-term strategy of the Biden Regime, flood the nation with illegal aliens, making it impossible to deport any significant number of them.

Learn more about The Camp of the Saints.


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