Colorado Democrats wage war on peaceable gun owners

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Ari Armstrong
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Complete Colorado
Article date: 
14 March 2024
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Colorado News
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... You’ll never guess which section of the Colorado statutes is modified by House Bill 1348 concerning the storage of a firearm in a vehicle. Yep: It’s Article 12 of Title 18, the very section that Senate Bill 3 would give the CBI primary authority to enforce.

The drafting of this bill is exceedingly stupid, and that’s really saying something given what this legislature comes up with. The bill requires (with some exceptions) that a gun that is stored in a vehicle be placed in a “locked hard-sided container.” Notably, this container does not have to be attached to the car, meaning it is precisely as difficult to steal as a gun outside of a container. A person has to use a locked box even if the gun is already in a highly secure locked trunk....

Now consider how HB 1348 interacts with Senate Bill 131, which would prohibit the licensed carry of a concealed handgun in various “sensitive spaces,” including parks, recreation facilities, any permitted assembly or special event, any medical facility, and so on. In other words, the legislature wants licensed carriers of concealed handguns to frequently take the gun off of their person, where it is at almost no risk of theft, and place it in a vehicle (but not in a locked glove box!), where it is at higher risk of theft...

People who sign up to become licensed to carry a concealed handgun, a process which involves an extensive background check, are among the most law-abiding people in the world...

The Supreme Court has made clear that it intends to keep alive the Second Amendment, so Colorado Democrats know they can do only so much to restrict peaceable gun ownership. Their aim seems to be instead to harass gun owners until they give up their guns or move out of state.


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