Colorado Dems Focus on Getting Criminals to Vote

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Every serial killer's vote counts.
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FrontPage Magazine
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22 May 2024
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Colorado News
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They say that Democrats don’t care about crime, but that’s a hideous slander. Of course Democrats care about crime. Rapists, murderers, and muggers eventually go to prison. A small enclosed space where there’s nothing for them to do except smuggle in drugs, work out and vote. And who are they gonna vote for? Them!

Colorado Dems are worried about the 2024 election so they’re focused on turning out their base. Criminals...

Colorado could become the first state to require county jails to set up in-person voting stations for incarcerated voters under a Democratic-backed bill that has sparked criticism that it would pose financial and logistical hurdles to already-strapped sheriff’s offices.

If passed, it could impact nearly 6,000 people who are confined waiting for a trial on any given Election Day in Colorado’s jails.

Correction. 6,000 Democrat votes...