Colorado driver's license program for immigrants could grow

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re "I'm pleased more people will get access to licenses" [Rep. Millie Hamner, D.] Those people did not elect Ms. Hamner-those people are deportable illegal aliens
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Elizabeth Hernandez
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The Denver Post
Article date: 
18 March 2015
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Colorado News
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The struggling state program that grants driver's licenses to people living in the country illegally won funding approval Wednesday that would allow it to open more offices, but the money remains far below what officials say they need.

Weeks of contentious debate between the state House and Senate fizzled into quick, non-contested Joint Budget Committee vote allocating two additional Department of Motor Vehicle offices to provide the licenses, instead of the single office operating now ...

The committee voted to fund $66,000 of the request. The measure now advances to the legislature's budget votes to come later this session..

"It's one of those things where nobody is ever happy," said Rep. Millie Hamner, D-Dillon, JBC vice chairwoman. "I'm pleased more people will get access to licenses ..."