Colorado May Issue More Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens in 2018

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17 January 2018
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Colorado News
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Before Colorado legislators repealed the state's "Show me your papers" law in 2013, which allowed peace officers to detain undocumented immigrants, thousands were detained and deported, many after being stopped for minor traffic infractions like driving without a license. The law was essentially replaced that same year with SB 251, which established a driver's license program for undocumented Coloradans [illegal aliens] under the Department of Motor Vehicles.
A bipartisan group of legislators hopes to expand access to the driver's license program through a bill it will present early in the legislative session, championed by an unlikely pair: Representative Jonathan Singer, a Democrat from Longmont, and Senator Larry Crowder, a Republican from Alamosa....
Two fixes are being proposed. The first is allowing applicants with Social Security numbers, which would include DACA recipients, or "dreamers." Currently only an ITIN — also known as an individual tax identification number — can be used for application purposes; individuals are not allowed to have both a Social Security number and an ITIN....
Singer and Crowder are pushing for online or mail-in renewals for existing driver's license holders,...


Perhaps a more realistic "fix" to the problem would be to secure America's borders and make E-Verify mandatory. If illegal aliens can not find work, they will voluntarily return home to reunite with their families.