Colorado Schools Mislead the Public About Teaching Critical Race Theory

Article author: 
Sara Dogan
Article publisher: 
FrontPage Mag
Article date: 
1 September 2021
Article category: 
Colorado News
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 Administrators of the Jefferson County school district, the second largest in the state of Colorado, have publicly insisted that they are not teaching CRT in the district’s schools. But material found on the district’s website and elsewhere contradicts this narrative.
Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become a hot topic in school districts across the nation. Instead of promoting a colorblind society, CRT teaches students that the world can be divided along racial lines into oppressors and victims and that racism has infiltrated every aspect of our society and its institutions....
According to district regulations, Jefferson County teachers who want to present controversial topics in the classroom must first receive permission from the district and must also notify parents beforehand. Controversial materials are defined as “materials that are likely to divide the community along racial, ethnic, or religious lines.” Recent reports cast doubt on whether teachers and administrators are following these mandates....