Colorado Senate Passes Bill Nixing Electoral College in Favor of Popular Vote

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Senate attempts to dismantle our Constitutional Republic
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3 February 2019
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Colorado News
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The Democratic-majority Colorado state Senate passed a bill this week that would give the state’s electoral votes in presidential elections to the candidate who wins the popular vote instead of the Electoral College.

Colorado’s Senate passed the bill in a 19-16 vote Tuesday along party lines.

The bill would mandate that the state’s members of the Electoral College vote for the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote....

The legislation, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Foote (D-Lafayette), would have allowed Colorado to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact with 11 other states and the District of Columbia....

But the bill is not likely to become law unless the Colorado House approves and enough states agree to the compact.
The states which have agreed to the compact only add up to 172 electoral votes, falling short of the 270 electoral votes needed for a candidate to win the Electoral College....


The importance of the Electoral College, by Fred Elbel, CAIRCO, January 8, 2019.


It should be noted that Republican majority state legislative bodies do not favor this misguided initiative. But Democrat majority legislative bodies do - for example, Colorado's state Senate. The reason is that the east and west coast states vote predominantly Democrat. Those states have huge populations compared to interior states. The popular vote initiative would effectively force nominally Republican states to cast their presidential votes with the Democrat coastal votes.


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