Companies Pay Imported Workers With Citizenship Cards

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6 January 2018
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National News
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Many low-wage employers are importing cheap foreign labor by offering them immigration and citizenship instead of pay, so helping boost profits by sidelining blue-collar Americans.
The companies can sideline Americans and hire lower-wage foreigners because of the federal citizenship-instead-of-pay EB-3 green card immigration program.
Each year, the federal governments EB-3 program offers 5,000 green cards to unskilled foreign employees of American companies. The green cards can be converted into citizenship cards after five years. It is a small corner of the fed’s cheap-labor immigration policy, which provides roughly 1 million green cards to foreign consumers and workers each year, including 150,000 cards to high-skill foreign employees of American companies.
EB-3 allows employers to hire thousands of low-skill foreign workers by promising to help them file for one of the 5,000 EB-3 immigration cards.
The 5,000-per-year immigration cards are effectively a hugely valuable, taxpayer-paid, deferred bonus for the foreign workers, their spouses, children and chain-migration relatives. Those benefits of a card are so large that many foreign workers pay tens of thousands of dollars to middlemen so so they can work at low-wage EB-3 jobs in the United States.
The huge costs of that bonus are paid by all Americans, and they include classroom spaces for the foreign children and health coverage for older parents, alongside many other welfare and anti-poverty programs...