The Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Product Of Globalization, Political Correctness—And Immigration

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James Kirkpatrick
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Article date: 
3 May 2020
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Our American Future
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Always remember this simple truth: THE COVID-19 [China virus] OUTBREAK IS THE PRODUCT OF GLOBALIZATION, MASS IMMIGRATION AND RAMPANT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. The Main Stream Media/ Democrat complex is counting on the disease and resulting economic disruption to take down Donald J. Trump’s presidency. But it’s actually shown why nationalism, and a realistic attitude to race, is more relevant than ever. What the U.S. needs going forward: economic self-sufficiency, an immigration moratorium, and a restored sense of national identity so that its leaders can respond quickly in a crisis without the paralyzing fear of being called “racist.”...

We thus see two critical lies of globalism revealed:
First, China, where American companies have outsourced so much manufacturing and investment, has such contempt for the world that it won’t share data about a plague that has killed tens of thousands and ruined the world economy....
Second, we see that the World Health Organization, like the United Nations, is impotent at best and corrupt at worst when it comes to confronting a real crisis...
While the MSM/ Democrats are bashing Trump now, they were lecturing Americans in late January and early February that it was racist to worry about a virus coming from China...
Thus there are major lessons from this pandemic that most Democrats and Republicans don’t want to hear:
    First, borders can be controlled when leaders really want to do it.
    Second, in pandemic situations, borders must be controlled done before any lockdown.
    Third, free trade is not a free lunch, but a tradeoff that involves giving up freedom of action and self-sufficiency in return for short-term wealth but long-term reliance on hostile foreign governments and constant foreign migration.
    Finally, as we saw in Italy, mass migration and the creation of internal foreign colonies for cheap labor imposes a high price during a crisis. National governments have no idea what’s going on within their own country. Lockdowns, contact tracing, and other methods to track disease vectors are completely pointless when you can’t even tell who is in the country.