Could California’s illegal voter registration drive torpedo Hillary’s carefully laid plans for victory?

Article author: 
Andrew Grant White
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
6 September 2016
Article category: 
National News
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In February 2016, the California Governor and legislature did something rather outlandish. They made a law (2015 Motor Voter Law) that allows all CA illegals to apply for a driver’s license. This law combined with 2013 Assembly Bill 60 (automatic voter registration when getting a driver's license) effectively results in allowing illegals to vote because having a license now automatically registers "eligible" voters to vote in California. Well, perhaps. Therein lies the rub.

California created a set of laws that effectively allow illegals to vote (Oregon and others too, but let's stick with CA).   We can quibble over how DMV workers will handle whether to voter-register a license of an illegal or how mail-in registration would be handled since cross-referencing illegals databases is discouraged. Bottom line, though, is the loophole is now there and may cost Clinton the election. Even one illegal vote (let alone 30 million) is enough to disqualify a state's vote...perhaps.

There are those who throw up the 15th Amendment to prove that California's laws are unconstitutional. Put another way, a more straightforward approach is common sense. Not a citizen = no vote (unless you'd like 7 billion taxpayer-dollar-hungry voters involved in the US election). Why is this important? California is a reliably blue state, but what would happen if each and every Californian vote (including its 55 Electoral College votes) were declared null and void by the courts (Trump would be the obvious plaintiff)? After all, post facto, there's no way to untangle citizen from illegal non-citizen voting...

What are the ramifications?  If -- and it's still a big if -- all California votes were declared null and void by a court, that leaves 489 Electoral College votes (i.e. half or revised 245 votes to win the US Presidency)...