Creeping Sharia: Common Core education in American public schools - funded in large part by the Islamic nation of Qatar

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Bare Naked Islam
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3 November 2019
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National News
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Common Core — a national effort to standardize curriculum — was launched in 2010 during the Obama Administration. What most people don’t realize is that the funding for this program was provided by an oil-rich Muslim country – Qatar, which also finances terrorism. But that is the reason that history text books now have very large sections dedicated to the Islamic faith, culture, and history, while Christianity, Judaism, and other religions combined barely get a page of coverage. (See links below video)...

Western Journal: After years of Common Core standards, Americans students math skills are eroding, according to a new report. ACT, which administers standardized exams used for college entrance, said that students who took the 2018 exam had the lowest readiness for college math since 2004....


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