Critics Are Wrong, Illegals Aliens' Kids Being Well-Cared For, Sessions Says

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Attorney General claims Department of Health and Human Services spends billions of dollars annually providing food, medical aid, other services
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In America anyone who violates the law is separated from their family, no matter whether they are citizen, immigrant, or illegal alien
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Connor Wolf
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19 June 2018
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National News
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions rejected critics’ claims Monday that separating children from illegal immigrants claiming to be their parents amounts to child abuse and worse.
“We’re doing the right thing, we are taking care of these children,” Sessions told Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” host Laura Ingraham. “They are not being abused. The Health and Human Services Department holds them in good conditions. They work hard at it. We spent billions of dollars last year, Health and Human Services did, in taking care of children who have entered the country unlawfully.”
Sessions also pointed out that “the vast majority of those children still tend to be the unaccompanied minors, but we’ve had a big surge of families bringing children with them, and some adults bringing children with them.”
Many of the illegal [alien] immigrants arrested at the border with the children then ask for asylum. Immigration officials must assess their claims, which can be time-consuming but federal courts have ruled that the children can be held no longer than 20 days.
“If they enter the country at a port of entry, and there are many of those along the border, they are not violating the law, the mother or the father in that circumstance would not be prosecuted and the families stay together,” Sessions said.
“But if they got out in the desert, or they cross a fence or a barrier, our officers have to identify them, follow them apprehend them [because] they are violating the law and they need to be prosecuted for that,” he said....