The Crusade to Destroy Jack Phillips Continues

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Phillips is now back where he started, guilty of a thought crime.
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David Harsanyi
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Patriot Post
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27 June 2021
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Colorado News
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I’ve been writing about Colorado cakemaker Jack Phillips’ fight against cultural authoritarians for a long time. This past March, I noted that Phillips would probably be badgered into the grave. And this week, Denver district judge A. Bruce Jones again found that the state could compel speech, claiming that Phillips had acted unlawfully when refusing to create a cake that celebrated the alleged gender transition of a Colorado activist....

Journalists have been misleading their audiences about this case for nearly a decade. So, it needs to be repeated that Phillips never turned a gay couple away from his shop. He never “refused” to sell a gay couple his products. Mullins and Craig were free to buy anything they desired from Masterpiece Cakeshop....

Yet, in 2012, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission set about bankrupting Phillips...

What is certain is that the crusade to destroy Phillips — and many others like him — will continue until the Supreme Court upholds the clear language and intent of the First Amendment.


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Book: The Cost of My Faith: How a Decision in My Cake Shop Took Me to the Supreme Court, by Jack Phillips, 2021.

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