Cultural Marxists In Academe Double Down On Sanctuary Schools

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26 November 2016
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National News
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The educational blob has decided to go to a very public war with soon to be President Donald J. Trump over illegal alien students.  It has announced a far ranging and public conspiracy to violate Federal law, specifically Title 8 of the United States Code (USC), Section 1324, Bringing and Harboring Certain Aliens, that prohibits any person or organization from aiding or abetting illegal aliens from entering or remaining in the United States.  The conspiracy, also a violation of Title 18 USC Section 371, Conspiracy, Title 18 USC Section 3, Principles, and Title 18 USC Section 3, Accessory After The Fact. The conspiracy is being led by David Oxtoby, President of Pomona College...

Of import is that the former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano,  who is current President of the University of California system, is acting in furtherance of this conspiracy, e.g. taking overt acts, with others in the UC system, perhaps including the UC General Counsel, Charles F. Robinson.  A note to Mr. Robinson, and others on the “task force” below, attorneys who engage in a conspiracy to violate Federal law are not protected by attorney-client privilege, nor is government employment a protection against criminal prosecution...

... any record held by any person or organization is subject to subpoena, as are persons who may be compelled to appear before an immigration officer and give testimony about an illegal alien.  And such subpoenas are enforceable in a Federal court if the subject of the subpoena refuses to cooperate.  Imagine that, Janet Napolitano [Email her] former Secretary of DHS compelled by subpoena to appear before a DHS officer to give testimony about actions she took to protect illegal aliens from discovery and arrest...

... President Trump will need to deal expeditiously with these criminals or risk losing any respect or fear his dangerous opponents now have.



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