DACA: Seven Facts About Obama’s Amnesty Decree

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Neil Munro
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21 July 2017
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National News
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President Barack Obama handed many problems over to President Donald Trump, including Obama’s Oval Office amnesty, the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.” 
The fast-growing amnesty is very unpopular in the GOP’s base and is being used by Democrats as a club to bash Trump. It likely cannot withstand a promised lawsuit in the fall, but it will cost Americans a huge amount of money if it keeps going. 
Moreover, Obama’s decree is a standing insult to the nation’s republican vision of constitutional, divided, limited and elected government. Congress had rejected his amnesty plans, so Obama simply launched his huge amnesty — almost 900,000 illegals were enrolled by March 31, 2017 — via a presidential decree to his deputies.
GOP candidate Trump promised in 2016 to tear up Obama’s decree, but back-pressure by his business-boosting aides and by the media have kept the painful problem stuck in his inbox...
DACA Is Still Growing...
But the amnesty has already provided almost 900,000 work-permits and Social Security cards to illegals who say they are aged 36 or less...
DACA Is Not Sending The Best and Brightest
... Only 1 percent, or 9,000 of the 850,000 younger adult illegals, had an advanced degree — while 60 percent only have a high-school exit credential. Only 1 percent, or 9,000 of the 850,000 younger adult illegals, had an advanced degree in 2014, while 60 percent only had a high-school exit credential...
DACA Will Cost Americans And Their Government A Huge Amount of Money
... In 2013, a Heritage Foundation study showed that amnesty for 11 million illegals would spike federal spending by $6,300 billion over the next five decades. That is roughly equivalent to $550,000 per illegal, or $10,000 per illegal per year, much of which will be spent when the immigrant becomes eligible for Social Security and Medicare. That cost estimate does not include the extra costs created when immigrants use their new legal powers as a citizen to bring in more low-skilled migrants. 

Many reports back up this pessimistic Heritage statement. For example, the 2016 report by the National Academy of Sciences showed that each legal immigrant costs roughly $1,600 in state and local taxes (not federal taxes) above the taxes paid by immigrants. Overall, the annual cost of each immigrant is roughly equal to tax surplus created by each native-born American, which ranges from $1,300 to $1,700, says the report, titled “The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration.”

If those 3 million DACA people and their parents soon become legal residents or citizens, then Obama’s DACA will cost Americans roughly $1,700 billion over the next 50 years, according to Heritage Foundation’s numbers..

DACA Encouraged More Illegal Immigration
Obama declared his DCA amnesty in 2012. Central Americans saw the announcement, read the details — and roughly 400,000 people headed north during the next four years...
DACA Imports Crime
DACA has kept a population of roughly 900,000 young adult illegals in the United States and also encouraged 400,000 Central American migrants into Americans’ neighborhoods and schools.
Some of those young illegals and migrants have drifted into various criminal gangs, such as MS-13...
DACA Helps Democrats
Obama created DACA to help the Democratic Party, and the resulting group of DACA-approved ‘Dreamers’ is an important element in the Democrats’ diverse coalition....
DACA Is Fundamentally Illegitimate
Congress has rejected DACA-type laws many times, even when the Democrats were in charge of Congress. Yet Obama created the DACA amnesty by simply telling his deputies to stop enforcing the nation’s law against a huge group of illegal immigrants who are favored by the Democratic Party... 


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